Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Get The Best Creative Hair Color

While coloring hair is common throughout the United States, getting a creative hair color is less common. Creative hair colors are bold, expressive and not for those who are shy or worry about the way others will react. Fortunately, for those with a bold style flare who enjoy standing out and do not care what others think, getting the best creative hair color and design will display your daring to stand out from the crowd.
Purple Hair Color

Five Summertime Braids to Keep You Cool While Looking Hot

Hello, summer!  Break out the sunblock and the bikinis, say goodbye to the office, and strap on those sandals. As the days get hotter, so do we – but not in a good way. The days may be gorgeously warm and sunny, but our hair just sticks to our skin, making us sweaty and unkempt. Hot tools, like our blow dryer and flat iron, just make things worse.
Luckily, there’s an easy fix: braid it up! Getting your hair off your neck is easy with both simple and intricate braids that go with any outfit and occasion. You can execute these styles with any texture hair, straight, wavy, or curly, and they don’t require hot tools. Put a straw fedora on, or wrap a scarf around your head, or stick a flower behind your ear; your hair will look beautiful, and so will you. Without further ado, the five braids, from easiest to most difficult:

French Braided Sections

french braid
Some days, your bangs just won’t cooperate. Instead of continuously battling with them, get them off your face with a small French braid!

Choosing and Using Foundation

Foundation shouldn’t make you look older or “made up.” Instead, this cosmetic can provide an even look to your complexion, and when applied correctly, can look incredibly natural. When done right, foundation application will look like your natural skin, only better.
Woman applying foundation

30 Days of Beauty Day 17, Using Foundation

Which Foundation to Buy?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Benefit Scene Queen: A Tuesday Smokey Eye Tutorial

benefit scene queen tutorial

Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Check out this fantastic back to school makeup tutorial from BHCosmetics.  In this tutorial, Lex shows us how you don't have to be afraid to use some color now that it's time to return to school


I felt bad for shaming Michelle Williams in my red carpet hairstyles post as I do so love her hair. She makes me want to cut my hair again.
I also saw this photo on the gorgeous Willow & Frank blog and she looks so adorable I had to post. This is a shot from Vogue by Yelena Yemchuck. I just love this photo.
Here are more shots of Michelle looking gorgeous


Looking for a way to update your wardrobe? Start with your hair.
Take inspiration from the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (MBFF) catwalks in Sydney and try these hair trends.