Friday, September 7, 2012

How To Get The Best Creative Hair Color

While coloring hair is common throughout the United States, getting a creative hair color is less common. Creative hair colors are bold, expressive and not for those who are shy or worry about the way others will react. Fortunately, for those with a bold style flare who enjoy standing out and do not care what others think, getting the best creative hair color and design will display your daring to stand out from the crowd.
Purple Hair Color

Creative Hair Color Tips:

Before starting on a design for a creative color, it is important to keep some key tips in mind. Coloring your hair is a type of commitment, particularly when you plan to use bold colors or creative hair ideas.
• Select a base hair color before considering any type of color design. The base color is the main color throughout your hair. In general, the best base colors are natural colors like shades of blonde, brunette or red. Sticking to something that is close to your natural color is ideal because the color will suit your skin tone while also requiring less upkeep than colors that differ dramatically.
• Match other colors to the base color. Though you might decide to use bright colors that stand out or more subdued colors that highlight the base color with something imaginative, you want a color that suits the base color. For example, if your base color is a dark brunette or black, you might use a dark purple, blue or red rather than a light shade. If the base color is lighter, such as a medium brunette or dark blonde, a subdued and lighter shade to highlight like light pink or blue will suit the color better.
• Design the colors around the haircut. The style and cut of your hair will often dictate where you should avoid adding color. For example, a short and choppy style looks great with alternating chunks of hair in different colors while long layers suit a style like lowlights and highlights.
• Get the style done at a salon rather than in the home. Unless you are a hairstylist or someone living with you knows enough about coloring techniques like foiling, it is better to get your hair professionally colored. The best hair color requires an expert hand, particularly if you want a complex and innovative design.
• Determine your level of commitment to your hair before getting it colored. Creative hair designs and colors require a certain level of upkeep to maintain the stunning and artistic look. If you do not have time to re-dye your hair often or touch up the color, you should avoid a large amount of dying. Instead, keep your natural hair color as the base and use subtle colors for the design. In this way, when the hair grows out it will not look bad.
Coloring your hair in any style requires upkeep and planning. This is particularly true when you dye light colors like blonde or when you use bold colors like blue, pink, green or purple. While these tips are key points to consider, you should always discuss the best color options for your hair with a stylist before dying it. Each individual, hair cut and skin tone will look best with different color combinations, designs and looks. Enjoy the challenge of getting the best color for your skin and hair.

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